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My interest in health and wellness began with my own journey. Read about it here. From birth through young adulthood, I was always the sick and sensitive one. Through the ups and downs of my own story, I realized that I had a gift to share, a call to turn and support those just behind, those who felt discouraged, confused, and just so very tired. After years of learning, experiencing, and implementing for myself, I decided to pursue official training and education in order to follow this calling.

I consider it an honor to be here now presenting MW as a way to guide, support, and walk alongside my fellow travelers.


Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

Certified Reiki Practitioner, trained in the lineage of Mikao Usui

Member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals




Here for the modern woman who’s been through the wringer and is seeking to return to her authentic whole and healthy self through personalized holistic care.

There are many beautiful and life-giving practices and practitioners in this world, so why am I here bringing Merfleur Wellness to you? Simply, because I care. I too experienced the irregularities, unexplained symptoms, extreme diets, exhaustion, emotional swings, deep pain, confusion, flare ups, frustration, and sleepless nights. I too experienced symptoms that were belittled, misunderstood, and unexplained. I do not want you to walk alone in your journey towards health, healing, and restoration.

I want you to be heard. I want you feel understood. I want you to be known. I want you to know there is hope. 

I have intentionally created a very intimate, one-on-one practice that allows me to see a max of 2-3 clients a day. This gives me the space to truly support and invest in you. Consultations are not brisk. Time is preserved for your inquiries, concerns, thoughts, personalized functional testing, and the creation of your unique support. I set aside personal time before and after every one of your consultations to focus and optimize your support. This allows our time together to be very informative and impactful. I offer therapies that truly address you as a whole person – body, mind, and spirit – because I firmly believe you are beautifully and uniquely complex, in a way that cannot always fit into pre-conceived approaches, protocols or standards.

Together, we will uncover your core foundational needs and connect you to the most harmonious foods, therapies, and lifestyles for you.

MW is also here for the modern woman, meaning I partner with you to make our relationship and your goals convenient and realistic. Health should be available to you, whether you currently think you have the time and space in your life or not. As long as you are willing, we will find the best-suited support for your life.

I marry holistic natural approaches with real-time everyday digital support and curated service bundles.

Essentially, I’m open to what you need and I am here for you. My purpose in your life is to listen, test, strategize, and come alongside you as you ultimately shift towards your true whole and healthy self.




Nutritional therapy is simply the functional approach I take to uncover the specific nutrients your body needs in order to support and promote its own natural healing response. My thorough process includes in-depth inquiry and conversation around your symptoms and health story, functional in-office testing, lab test guidance, food relationship / response review, and lifestyle support. One of the more unique aspects of nutritional therapy is the use of functional testing. Employing various points on the body that have been determined by brilliant pioneers of the past to demonstrate nutritional needs, functional testing allows you and I to refine your nutritional support to match what your body currently requires.

Through this approach we are able to curate a personalized support system involving real high-quality foods, targeted therapeutic-level nutrients, and informed lifestyle shifts.

I believe that your body is unique and intricately designed, therefore it should be cared for as such with customization to its individual needs and attention to every last detail. Learn more about my views on food and weight loss here.



A flower remedy is a bottle of flower essences that has been specifically selected to support your unique personhood, guiding you into a state of lightness, balance, and peaceful introspection. A flower essence is exactly as it sounds - the essence of a flower at peak bloom. Extracted in water with sun or heat, they are energetic healers and are not to be confused with homeopathic remedies, essential oils or traditional herbal tinctures.

Flower essences gently shift, clear, and reset your thought processes first by increasing your awareness of personal patterns, then secondly by supporting both the conscious and subconsious processing of deeper memories and traumas stored in your limbic system, specifically your amygdala (the part of your brain that deals with emotionally-charged memories and negative thought pattern), subtly encouraging your mind and emotions back into balance without any negative side-effects or contraindications.

Since flower remedies support the processing of past trauma, blocks, and habitual responses, you are able to move through challenging patterns and experience the true freedom of choice once again. Learn more about flower essences and how they can support you specifically here.



Reiki is a gift that activates and supports your body’s natural protective and healing response. It can also increase the success of other healing therapies.

Quicker recovery from surgeries, a focused, balanced, and optimistic state of mind, and stronger immunity are only a few of the possible results of therapeutic Reiki sessions.

Reiki is also a clearing force, holistically unblocking and releasing stored trauma as it moves through your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states. Learn the ins and outs of a session, the research behind its effects, and the answers to potential religious concerns here.


To learn more about Nutritional Therapy, Flower Remedies or Reiki, please read through my detailed explanations in the Q & A.



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“Seeing Jessi Agadoni for nutritional therapy has been nothing short of life changing. For the last several years, I have struggled with a number of symptoms that have caused me to see a fair share of doctors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists in hopes of relief. At the end of the day I always felt that I was still the lone investigator of my health and my health issues always continued to linger. Working with Jessi is an entirely different experience. I have been a client of Jessi’s only for a few months now, and in that time I have noticed drastic improvements to both my initial issues and my overall health. Her approach is to come alongside you to find the root source of an issue or symptom through in-depth functional examinations, education, and consultations, and then to work on helping you heal your own body step by step. She is a partner to her clients in the process, and her knowledge is only matched by her compassion and care. I truly cannot recommend Jessi enough! ”

Brittany Bender




Jessi is so encouraging with her guidance.  She works with you to achieve your health goals, making life changes at a pace you can manage with a VERY busy schedule.  She is an amazing listener, seeing beyond my lame attempts to express my struggles and guiding me towards healthier living though daily choices.  I’m so thankful for all her kindness and wisdom.”

Eden Michel

Pursuits Administrator



“From the first day of puberty all the way through adulthood, I’ve struggled with severe symptoms correlating with my menstrual cycle. The pain from cramps and lower back aches often prohibited me from leaving my bed. But the worst part was a monthly depression that stole all sense of self for 5 days every single month. I had little hope that anything could improve - it wasn’t even the main reason I scheduled an appointment with Jessi. However, when I had my first appointment, Jessi listened enough to pick up on the fact that this monthly cycle should be of chief concern. After spending focused time talking through every symptom, she created a custom flower remedy for me to take daily. I noticed a difference in as little as two weeks and when my cycle rolled around, I had some of the physical symptoms, but not the depression. By checking in with me and really listening, I finally felt like someone was on my team. I cannot say enough good things about the level of care Jessi brings to her work. Her holistic approach is unmatched. She’s been (and will continue to be) a major partner in my health journey.”

Mary Carr

Entrepreneur . COO



“Jessi made me feel comfortable, at ease, and excited to work through the process of getting healthy again with her. I didn’t doubt for a second that she was the one who could finally help me heal myself after going to countless doctors. After only a couple of months of working with Jessi, I finally feel myself again after getting mono and several bacteria infections a couple years ago. I have so much energy and digest food like I never have with Jessi’s advice and support. I am so much happier too! I feel so blessed and know that finding Jessi was heaven-sent!!”

Eliza Vera

Singer . Songwriter . Artist