Nutritional Therapy, Flower Remedies & Reiki

Q & A




What are Début and Retour?

Début means Begin. Retour means Return. My desire and intention through MW is to help you begin your journey towards a healthier you or dive even deeper and return you to your authentic state – your whole, natural, healthy, and perfectly unique self. Retour is especially curated to initiate a holistic addressing of your mind, body, and spirit.

Let’s return to the healthy authentic you!

Why do you require Début or Retour prior to a la carte NT consults?

Début and Retour are here to provide a solid and thorough foundation for your health journey. True renewal and success rarely comes from a single consult consisting of one therapy. I’m not and I know you’re not here to waste your time or money. These curated collections of services are also here to insure that you’re ready, truly ready, to prioritize and honor the process of your return. You and I need time to do this. We need your focus and we need your commitment. I do not take this lightly and neither should you. To put it simply, you’re too frustrated, tired, and busy to allow yourself to half-ass this process. Pardon my french... Often, your symptoms source from deeper dysfunctions within the body, imbalanced thought-processes in the mind and discouragement, hurt or disconnection that needs to be identified and properly supported.

Simply reacting to surface-level symptoms with single, short, occasional consults is far too reductionistic and shallow for you. You deserve to be fully seen – as all that you are – so let’s unpack the riddle of you and return you home.

I will be here, committed to the process. How about you?




What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is both a science and an art. It’s the process of assessing the body’s foundational need for nutrients, not to survive, but to heal and truly glow. Nutrition simply put consists of two parts, vitamins and minerals, both of which make up the raw ingredients required for your body’s everyday function. When these nutrients are missing from your daily food intake—or even the soil your food came from–your body has to look elsewhere. It begins to scrounge for any minerals that may be stored within itself to pull from, like your bones. It also works harder to create vitamins with what resources it finds available within itself. As these sources run out, the body will begin compensating. This means prioritizing the life sustaining processes – like your heart pumping – over processes that are not considered vital – like thinking clearly, sleeping well, maintaining a healthy weight, moving easily, aging beautifully, etc. Nutrient depletion and weakness of bodily functions can also begin the process of disease and allow opportunistic pathogens to take up residence and wreak havoc.

My approach blends scientific and tactile measurements with thorough and intuitive guidance. Personalization is my passion, as I have travelled this road myself and learned the golden value of caring customized support.

I use real whole food, high-quality professional-level therapeutically-balanced nutrients (very different from what you’ll find in your health food or generic vitamin store), and wild-craft, organic, whole botanicals to support your body’s natural healing process.

What is your perspective on food and diets?

Lifestyle over diet. Nourishment over elimination. Balance over extremes. Health over weight-loss. Progress over perfection. Joy over obsession.

 On the whole, studies are demonstrating that our culture tends towards hypoglycemia, otherwise known as low blood sugar, and insulin resistance, therefore I am a proponent of multiple small meals throughout the day for many of my clients. By providing a steady flow of nutrients and energy to your body, this ultimately creates the stable environment your vital organs require to thrive and have a peaceful and properly-energized day. For those that have balanced blood sugar, I encourage the opposite — limited to no snacking with 3-5 hours between nutrient-dense meals, providing the time required for your body to fully digest its previous meal, rest, and prepare for the next.

When it comes to food choices and diet, quality and preparation are what matter. Research and cultural trends will continue to demonize or idolize certain foods and macronutrients (like fat, protein, and carbs). Instead of getting caught up in the noise, I prefer to see all whole, truly natural, unaltered, unprocessed, untreated food as a gift that can bring health to the body – when sourced responsibly, prepared properly, and eaten thoughtfully.

Moderate to serious cases of illness may call for specialized approaches or temporary removal of certain foods, but my goal is always to support the body’s ability to heal and return to the full variety. Food allergies and sensitivities are often a symptom of infection, imbalance, toxic burdens, and/or improper associations by the body’s immune system. These types of cases should be supported by a full practitioner team, as well as understood to often require patience and time before returning to a more diverse diet. 





Quick thoughts on weight-loss focused diets and exercise?

Many weight-loss-focused diets and weight-loss-focused intense fitness regimes can be more detrimental than helpful, especially if your body is not ready to lose the weight. Your mental readiness is very different from your body’s readiness. In fact, if your internal systems are already not prioritizing weight loss, taking extreme measures can actually cause your body to gain more weight. Excess weight is often a protective measure put in place by your body.

If you find that moderate daily exercise, such as walking, yoga, pilates, surfing, swimming or barre does not produce the results you are seeking, may I offer an alternative to intensifying your workouts? Instead of focusing on removing the weight, perhaps consider pursuing why it’s there in the first place. Begin to see the weight as a symptom and consider seeking assistance to determine its origin – which is often deeper than the simple act of overeating or not exercising enough. Lastly, by addressing weight solely with weight-loss-focused diets or intense forms of exercise, any loss you experience will often return with the slightest step out of line or week off. Address the foundational issues, return to your authentic nature, and then you’ll begin to enjoy a long-lasting healthy weight :).





What are Bach Flower Essences and what do they do?

Flower essences are a gentle, subtle healing modality that support the mental and emotional aspects of you. Developed by Dr. Edward Bach, the original 38 essences have been used since the 1930’s to cultivate healthy personhood.

"Edward Bach was born at Moseley, near Birmingham, in 1886 and trained as a doctor in London. For several years he worked investigating the role of bacteriology in chronic disease. His researches led him to recognize that there were clear personality types that related to the various patterns of ill health, irrespective of the physical symptoms being presented by the patient. Working with vaccine therapy and later with homeopathic remedies, he moved towards the discovery of flower remedies. These he felt could help to harmonize the emotional imbalances that he came to see as the real causes of physical illness.” Healing Herbs

Unlike homeopathy, essential oils, traditional herbal tinctures and drugs (which work more directly on the physical), these lovely essences gracefully balance your thought-patterns and emotions, shifting you towards a more peaceful whole state – what we might consider your authentic nature, the original you.

 To define this a little more, I see your authentic nature in relation to your mind and spirit as the person you were in your very early years – your disposition, personality or perspective on the world prior to experiencing the positive or negative influence of family, friends, community, education, and culture. The intention is to return to this unique uninfluenced you, allowing for a release of the pain, anxiety, and confusion that has possibly arisen from conforming to something or someone that is not authentically you. Peeling back the onion layers of you and gently stepping back from habitual responses allows you to clearly see the world as you were originally and uniquely created to see it.

“The flowers hold a mirror to our emotional and psychological responses. They help us to understand how we each respond to change and offer us a way to work with problems and challenges. Put simply, the essences each contain a unique message (information), which we can use to alter our pattern of behavior. This is a voluntary process and not one that is enforced on the individual. The information is within the patterning of the plant and transferred in the special method of preparation devised by Dr Bach.” Healing Herbs

This message within the plant allows you the opportunity to change your thought process, your response, your behavior. In a way, it returns you to the crossroad, to the place of decision and choice, and offers you a more balanced path.

Why do you use Flower Essence Remedies?

The mind and heart are often the forgotten pieces in our journey towards whole and sustained healing. Trauma, disappointment, fear, anxiety, loss of control, subtle or overt childhood messages, impatience, heartbreak and many other internal manifestations impact our daily perspective, our view of the world. What lens do you see your work, family, friends, and life’s purpose through? Our self-worth is very tightly wrapped up in these foundational understandings and as a result can prevent us from moving forward mentally, emotionally, and even physically. In line with the mission of returning to your authentic nature, I will encourage you to consider adding this beautiful modality to your support system.


What does a Flower Remedy consult involve?

It is my honor to simply listen, to hear your story, to understand where you come from and where you hope to go, to capture your personhood in the essence selection and with their help gently encourage your authentic restoration.

Using the world-renown Bach method, I will formulate a custom remedy to support your desired shifts. Depending upon your preference, we can focus on your present situational needs, to carry you through emergencies or short term dilemmas, and / or we can focus on uncovering your foundational core personhood, encouraging the layer lifting needed to return to your authentic nature.

What’s in my Flower Remedy?

Your flower remedy is composed of certified biodynamic, organic, and wild-harvested flower essences, natural Carlsbad spring water and a small amount of traditionally-prepared brandy for preservation. If taken as directed, the remedy will last approximately 1 month and encourage a shift in mindset anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks following the first dosage.

What should I expect once I start a remedy?

Thought-pattern shift may occur as soon as the next day, if you have taken flower remedies before or anywhere from 3-4 weeks, if this is your first bottle. The shift manifestation varies from person to person, but may be best described as an unexpected lightness or peace about the former challenging, aggravating or consuming matter. You may also begin to perceive, more accurately, the health of yourself and your relationships with others – cultivating acute self-awareness. These revelations often become the focus of your next remedy as you gently move forward lifting the layers and uncovering your authentic nature.





What is Reiki?

Reiki is a subtle energy therapy that can provide holistic relief and release, clearing any blockages residing in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual planes. More scientific research needs to be done, but the small amount that does exist points to Reiki’s beneficial impact and as a result it has been utilized in hospitals and other medical facilities for over a decade.

This subtle energy is passed on through the laying on or hovering of hands over specific, safe locations on your body. Similar in action, but different than the energetic life force that animates and activates your physical body, Reiki energy supports and “boosts” your natural animating energy. The practitioner is not a spiritual healer, but instead a channel for the Reiki energy to pass through. I personally believe the source of this energy is God. It is God’s intentions and your need that drive the energy’s movement and dictate the level of clearing within each session.

For those who would like to nerd out on the measurements of our bodies’ (biomagnetic) energy field: read this article first, watch this video second, and this article third for a fascinating glimpse!

What should I expect during a session?

We begin in conversation, determining together the areas of focus. From there we will move to the table and make you cozy and comfortable for the session. You will always remain fully clothed. During the session, you may find that you quickly fall into the relaxed alpha (if you’re lucky, theta!) and the restful parasympathetic states, which allow your body’s natural healing and restoring processes to begin. During the session you may notice tingliness, buzzing, or warmth, see colors or visions, experience an emotional release or perhaps feel nothing within the session, but have some form of release afterwards. Once finished, you will at minimum feel very calm and relaxed, if not fully revived, in-tune, connected, and free.

What should I expect after a session?

On the physical plane, Reiki has been demonstrated and suggested to have direct effects on the body, from lowering blood pressure and improving immunity to decreasing pain to initiating quicker healing to activating the restorative alpha and parasympathetic states. You also may experience internal release through the clearing of your emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

I’m a christian… should I be concerned?

Reiki is not a religion, but it is spiritual and I personally believe, a gift from God. In my sessions I choose to call upon and invite Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be the source of my Reiki energy. There are many wonderful resources to peruse, but this site lays it out in a nice simple way.





Who do you work with?

My calling is to come alongside the exhausted, overwhelmed modern woman. To provide her with personalized guidance, true nourishment, and holistic care, so that she might once again find joy and success in her everyday. My clients often come to me because:

  • They have received a diagnosis from their medical doctor or are struggling with unexplained symptoms of poor health and wish to support their body’s natural healing systems as they progress through recovery.

  • They have watched family members or friends become ill and wish to start supporting their body now.

  • They wish to live a long, healthy, peaceful, and successful life, but are also aware of the current nutrient-deficient, stressful, and toxic state of their world and want a consistent, convenient resource for holistic support and natural recommendations.


What are you not?

I am not a licensed doctor, physician, therapist or psychologist. I do not provide medical care or advice, treat or diagnose conditions or prescribe medication. Instead, I simply support your body’s own natural healing responses. Please adhere to and remain in the care of a licensed medical physician while working with me. I will happily refer you out to a handful of holistic doctors, as well as this lovely therapist and this kind psychologist. Simply ask!

I am not a weight loss coach. If your body is ready to prioritize weight loss, it will happen naturally. If it is not falling off easily with gentle or moderate daily exercise, there are deeper foundational issues at hand. If this is of concern to you, I encourage you to remember that your body is prioritizing the deeper issue (whatever it may be) for your own survival. I would be honored to support you as you journey through the process of uncovering this foundational issue with nutritional therapy, functional testing, flower remedies, and Reiki.  

Why can’t I find a phone number for you?

I choose to interact with my clients through a private and protected client portal as often as possible. We live chat, message, video conference and more through it so that all our interactions are kept in one secure location and documented for easy reference. If you’re new to MW and would like to get in touch, please feel free to reach me here!



Advice for Your Journey


 Any advice for my health journey?

 From the many years of journeying through the highs and lows of supporting my own body’s process of healing, here are my short and very honest recommendations…

  1. Make and take the time to understand yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  2. Find a practitioner or ideally a team of practitioners you connect with and trust on a soul-level.

  3. Once you’ve found them, spend the money. I know. This one was really hard for me at first too.

  4. Be a detective alongside your practitioner(s) and uncover the initial dysfunction that led to the symptoms.

  5. Be honest with yourself and your practitioner(s).

  6. Find the support you need to face your fears.

  7. Through it all, be gentle on your body and honor your spirit.

  8. Continue to ask why.

  9. Learn and grow in patience.

  10. Ultimately, trust yourself and your body over what anyone else recommends.

I wish I had heard this advice from day one. Looking back, my biggest regret was my impatience with the process and fear of the cost of pursuing holistic health. I would have progressed much sooner had I not bounced around from practitioner to practitioner, avoiding costs and seeking quicker improvements. Hindsight is everything.

What about you? What fears, worries, frustrations have held you back? How can you shift into a place of reception and kindness towards yourself?

Whether through my practice or another, I truly wish you ease and peace in your wellness journey. You are precious and deserve the deepest love and care there is to offer. May you fully feel and embrace your unique irreplaceable value – just as you are today.