Flower Remedies





I had a fairly open mind for this experience and specifically chose not to do research on flower remedies beforehand. I wanted a completely unbiased experience. That said, I noticed an immediate shift. I allowed myself to have a few experiences in which I thought I had felt their effects. Then I decided to do my research and came across an an article that explained my experience exactly. 

The calm blend has completely shifted my thought patterns. Where I was once quick to get angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed (particularly when I felt wronged or misunderstood by my husband), I am finding I have a pause now. Pause. Gather myself. Then react. It has brought me clarity, wisdom and compassion that wasn’t there as much as I’d have liked before. I have felt less emotional tension. The things that used to upset me are just not that heavy anymore and don’t feel as personal to me. Perhaps it’s that I’m not taking on my husband’s energy anymore? I couldn’t believe the words that were flowing out of my mouth during the 1st real conflict that arose between my husband and I, after beginning the remedy. It was like I was suddenly wiser than my own self. Ha. It didn’t feel like I was even doing the talking! Initially it felt like a little voice in my head talking to me or putting things into perspective. Now it feels like it is just apart of me. What a feeling :) Free and indeed, calm. 
As for my son, he thinks your remedy is delicious. :) It is hard to know his experience exactly, as it doesn’t belong to me. I have been listening for little messages. Being highly sensitive, he tends to startle, freeze, and meltdown when met with conflict or overwhelm. Since starting the remedy, I have noticed a shift in his ability to communicate clearly in overwhelming situations. Empowerment is a word that comes to mind. I have 2 very specific examples. On the playground, 3 days after beginning the remedy a child threatened to bite him. He said, “Stop! I don’t like that!” Then, he shouted for me to come help him. He had tears and his voice was shakey. Still, I couldn’t believe he vocalized his needs to get “unstuck” in that situation. That’s truly a first for us, and we’ve been working toward it for years. Typically in that situation he would’ve just began to cry and not vocalize. He would’ve had nightmares/gotten stuck  re-living that event for months. A similar situation happened again at a family wedding. A photographer asked him to take a staged photo with someone he felt uncomfortable around. A typical response from him in this situation might be tears, overwhelm, and clinging to me. Again, he would’ve been stuck with revisiting this situation for months. Well, he simply and politely said no to the photographer and walked away :) He had one single tear and a quick snuggle. I’m realizing this is actually a pretty massive shift for him, now that I type it out. I do see a connection to the flower remedy helping him release from that trauma and that pattern of being “stuck” in sticky situations!!! 

We are truly grateful for your willingness to share these powerful remedies with our family. This former skeptic is a full on believer :) They’ve been nothing short of amazing. I’ve want my husband on one now too! Thank you again! Our whole family is truly grateful!



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