MW Glossary

– a simple guide to how I choose to use and define the terms below –


Autonomic Nervous System

The involuntary (occurs without you thinking) portion of your central nervous system that controls your sympathetic and parasympathetic response.



Sympathetic Nervous System

The involuntary nervous system response to incoming or perceived “danger” by the body – often called your “fight or flight” or alarm response.



Parasympathetic Nervous System

The involuntary nervous system response that controls your ability to properly rest (sleep), digest, detox and ultimately heal – only occurs when the body is out of the state of alarm (sympathetic nervous system)



The brain’s ability to change and reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout your lifetime.

Thought Patterns

Habitual responses or reactions to everyday life that develop as a result of life experiences and influences, including big and small “trauma”, often occurring automatically without much awareness.


Encompassing all that you are – mind, body and spirit to simplify.


The brain – specifically focusing on thought pattern creation and alteration.


The physical being – specifically focusing on the autonomic nervous system, functionality and nutritional balance.


The soul, heart, life-force, breath – specifically focusing on one’s connection to God, the Divine, and one’s intended purpose and authentic calling on this planet at this time.

Authentic Calm

A genuine state of rest within the mind, body and spirit – cultivated through MW’s 4-stage process.

Authentic Calm

4-Stage Process

Stage 1: Identify specific personal stressors across the mind, body and spirit

Stage 2: Soften the mind, nervous system and spirit to prepare for shifting

Stage 3: Shift thought patterns, nutritional needs and core purpose/intention back into balance

Stage 4: Release any remaining blocks and fully embrace the empowered, balanced and authentically calm you!


Anything that causes your unique mind, body or spirit to create and maintain an involuntary or voluntary sympathetic response, often resulting in continuous tension, overdrive, aggravation, inflammation, depletion and/or instability.

Examples of potential stressors: both “good” and “bad” foods, cheap (and even some higher-quality) vitamins, toxic cleaning products, toxic skin products, over exercising, lack of thoughtful movement, dieting, polyunsaturated fats, GMOs, pesticides, glyphosate (and other weed killers), unhealthy people, relationships without boundaries, overworking, dissatisfaction, mold, lack of oxygen, lack of natural sunlight, finances, EMFs, blue light, lack of sleep, fasting, over eating, under eating, emotional, physical or psychological trauma (big or small)… and much more.

Custom Flower Remedy

A combination of flower essences formulated to match your exact personhood and shift your out-of-balance thought patterns. Focus of the remedy may be foundational - addressing deeper life-long patterns - or situational - supporting temporary stressors or needs. Consultation required.

Universal Flower Remedy

A combination of flower essences pre-formulated to shift self-identified out-of-balance thought patterns. Supports specific situational needs as described in listing. No consultation required.