The MW practice comes from a very personal place. My interest in health and wellness began with my own journey. From birth through young adulthood, I was always the sick, sensitive and stressed one. Though I didn’t understand it at the time, I struggled with digestive, blood sugar, and later hormonal imbalances. For me these dysfunctions expressed themselves through extreme energy highs and lows, brain fog, memory and learning challenges, insecurities, an eating disorder, numerous food and environmental sensitivities, infections, acne, daily morning nausea, mysterious abdominal pains, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism and more. As a highly intuitive and highly sensitive person (HSP), I was also easily affected by my environment and the company of others, gaining mental and emotional loads with each and every experience. With my lovely list of health issues and natural personality, I often found my days to be overwhelming and incredibly exhausting.

Needless to say, I saw numerous physicians and experienced many standard-of-care treatments, none of which resolved my laundry list of symptoms. I saw these experts expecting clear easy solutions and quick full recoveries – assuming I had to just find the right specialist to hear the long awaited words, “Ah yes, I know exactly what’s going on!” At the time, I had no idea that these physicians, despite their extensive training, were actually not prepared to handle my situation. They could prescribe and treat me based on their system of disease identification and drug protocols, but they were limited in how they could address any issues outside of these insurance-approved standards. They each gave it their best shot and most of them genuinely wished to help me, but my case did not fit within their expertise or training. A few of them actually began encouraging me to seek alternative support, which was the best gift they could have given me. It was then that I learned the difference of approach between standard medical care and holistic functional care. I firmly believe both of these expertise are needed and have a role to play in health, but I find that the average individual is often confused about when to utilize each approach. I was one such individual, unknowingly expecting one approach to act like the other.

Thus began my deep dive into all things natural and holistic. I’ll be honest, it was not always greener on the other side of the pasture, but even through the ups and downs of alternative care I at least knew I was viewing my health from the correct perspective this time around. I tried it all, from slightly alternative MDs to well-reviewed ND’s to specializing Acupuncturists to powerful energy healers and more. It was a tiring time and I was often very discouraged. Yet, after a few years, I began to realize that each and every practitioner had something to give, something to teach me. This perspective shift was key for me. I began to own my health. I no longer looked to others to fix me. I also chose to only work with practitioners that were open to partnering with me, allowing me to be a part of the research and have a say in the protocol creation. What a difference this made! Improvements occurred and progress was made at a much quicker rate with the help of my wonderful team of partners and supporters.

As I immersed myself even further in research and personal experimentation a love affair and true fascination with the intricacy of our bodies emerged…

Over these past 10+ years, I have slowly realized that I have a gift to share – a call to turn and support those just behind, to hear and affirm those who feel discouraged and broken, confused and frustrated, and just so very tired. After years of learning, experiencing and implementing for myself, I decided to pursue official education and training in order to support others.

My vision for MW began long ago, before I even realized it. No, I am not perfect. I am still human facing my own health battles, but they are much smaller and I have tools now to support and soften their impact. It’s truly a journey, one I am happy to share and one I am grateful to have been given. It is what drew me to my authentic calling and why I am who I am today. I consider it an honor to be here now, able to guide, support and walk alongside my fellow travelers.

MW is practiced in honor of my brilliant kind mentor and dear friend, Kim Schuette. You affirmed my passion and encouraged the confidence needed to begin MW. May your legacy carry on as you celebrate true wholeness and health in eternity with Jesus.