Holistic nutrition, flower remedies, and personalized wellness consults for the modern woman seeking to cultivate calm within her mind, body, and spirit.
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I am here to cultivate an authentic calm within your body and mind through holistic nutrition and flower remedies.


What is Authentic Calm?

  •  a state of personal balance and restful ease, established by communicating safety to the body and mind

  •  a state that cultivates your body’s natural rest, digest and detox functions, unlocking the door to your body’s innate ability to self-heal

  •  a state that returns you to the whole, healthy and authentic you

Physical symptoms of exhaustion, anxiety, inflammation, inability to focus, brain fog, depression, wired and tired, PMS, infertility, acne, eczema, headaches, excess weight, IBS, food sensitivities or allergies may be why you landed on this page, but in order to truly recover you will need to dive deeper than these surface symptoms.

The journey to authentic calm begins with creating space in your life and communicating a consistent message of safety to your body and mind. When your thought patterns and your autonomic nervous system communicate alarm from stressors in your life your basic functions of rest, digest, detox and more are unable to perform as needed. Over time this leads to dysfunction, causing the symptoms listed above, and eventually disease.

Our first step in addressing your imbalanced state is to identify your personal stressors (click to see how I define these), acknowledging the areas of your life that may be preventing full function or slowing down your natural ability to recover. Instead of throwing these stressors out, we take the time to soften your response to their impact and cultivate a sense of safety and calm within them. A feeling of safety and calm can be encouraged with proper support – tools to balance and soothe the mind, nourishing foods eaten at the right times and personalized practices to deepen your connection to your authentic self. By acknowledging your foundational need to first feel safe and calm, when the time comes for you to make any necessary shifts around the remaining stressors the process is smoother and much more successful.

Through a personalized, supportive and empowering 3 stage process you and I will cultivate true health for both your body and your mind!

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Hello, I’m Jessi Agadoni, a holistic nutritionist, Bach flower essence practitioner and cultivator of the Authentic Calm approach.


My interest in health and wellness began with my own journey. Read about it here. Through the ups and downs of my own story, I realized that I had a gift to share, a call to turn and support those who felt discouraged, confused and just so very tired. Through personal experience, my journey with clients and continual research, I’ve created the Authentic Calm approach. This approach includes a vital step that is often missing for those who are seeking whole health in our present era. Healing is not as straightforward as it use to be – we are not the same, nor is our environment the same. Therefore our approach needs to shift and match the actual issues we are facing in our everyday. Authentic Calm is here to empower you with the space, tools and education to unlock your natural ability to self-heal.


NANP Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist (cand)

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Certified Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst (June 2019)

Certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

Certified Reiki Practitioner, trained in the lineage of Mikao Usui

Member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals



These beautiful therapies are woven throughout my 3 stage process to cultivate an authentic calm within your body and your mind.


Flower Remedies

Bach flower essences and their formulation into a custom or universal flower remedy are my therapy of choice for balancing the mind and emotions. Flower essences encourage you back into balance by shifting, clearing and resetting your thought patterns. First by increasing your awareness of personal patterns, then secondly by supporting the conscious and subconscious process of deeper memories and traumas stored in your limbic system, specifically your amygdala, the part of your brain that deals with emotionally-charged memories and negative thought patterns. Extracted in water with sun or heat, flower essences are energetic healers and are not to be confused with essential oils or traditional herbal tinctures. A lesser known therapy, these gentle plants are incredibly impactful and yet have no contraindications with medications, nutrients, herbs, personal age or physical state.


Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition is my therapy of choice for addressing the body directly. Personalization, quality and usability are everything when it comes to nutrition. Instead of pushing trendy diets or fad nutrients, I choose to evaluate your unique needs. My process includes in-depth inquiry and conversation around your symptoms and health story, your relationship with food, functional lab test guidance and interpretation (see below for more on this) and more. We review possible over accumulation as well as undernourishment of nutrients and make a plan to cultivate the right balance for a safe, stable and relaxed body. Remember, balancing your autonomic nervous system (making your body feel safe and secure, not in a survival or an alarm state) is key to true recovery. After determining your personal stressors and current nutrient state, I can guide you toward high-quality foods and carefully vetted therapeutic-level nutrients that will fuel your body’s natural recovery systems.


Functional Lab Testing

Functional lab testing, including the review of gut bacterial, food hypersensitivity, blood chemistry, mold and chemical toxin levels and more is my preferred choice for uncovering your physical body’s stressors and nutritional needs. As a holistic nutritionist and blood chemistry analyst, I interpret your labs from the perspective of function optimization instead of disease diagnosis. Trained in blood chemistry by one of the leading functional blood chemistry specialists, I have great respect for the power of what a truly comprehensive functional lab report can reveal. Comprehensive lab work is rare and almost unheard of within the standard medical practice these days due to insurance policies and limitations. Therefore, I work with respected and innovative labs to provide you with thorough and accurate findings out of pocket to uncover markers for dysfunction that we can use to guide your nutritional and lifestyle choices!



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“Seeing Jessi Agadoni has been nothing short of life changing. For the last several years, I have struggled with a number of symptoms that have caused me to see a fair share of doctors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists in hopes of relief. At the end of the day I always felt that I was still the lone investigator of my health and my health issues always continued to linger. Working with Jessi is an entirely different experience. I have been a client of Jessi’s only for a few months now, and in that time I have noticed drastic improvements to both my initial issues and my overall health. Her approach is to come alongside you to find the root source of an issue or symptom through in-depth functional examinations, education, and consultations, and then to work on helping you heal your own body step by step. She is a partner to her clients in the process, and her knowledge is only matched by her compassion and care. I truly cannot recommend Jessi enough! ”

Brittany Bender




Jessi is so encouraging with her guidance.  She works with you to achieve your health goals, making life changes at a pace you can manage with a VERY busy schedule.  She is an amazing listener, seeing beyond my lame attempts to express my struggles and guiding me towards healthier living though daily choices.  I’m so thankful for all her kindness and wisdom.”

Eden Michel

Pursuits Administrator



“From the first day of puberty all the way through adulthood, I’ve struggled with severe symptoms correlating with my menstrual cycle. The pain from cramps and lower back aches often prohibited me from leaving my bed. But the worst part was a monthly depression that stole all sense of self for 5 days every single month. I had little hope that anything could improve - it wasn’t even the main reason I scheduled a flower remedy consult with Jessi. However, when I had my first consult, Jessi listened enough to pick up on the fact that this monthly cycle should be of chief concern. After spending focused time talking through every symptom, she created a custom flower remedy for me to take daily. I noticed a difference in as little as two weeks and when my cycle rolled around, I had some of the physical symptoms, but not the depression. By checking in with me and really listening, I finally felt like someone was on my team. I cannot say enough good things about the level of care Jessi brings to her work. Her holistic approach is unmatched. She’s been (and will continue to be) a major partner in my health journey.”

Mary Carr

Entrepreneur . COO



“Jessi made me feel comfortable, at ease, and excited to work through the process of getting healthy again with her. I didn’t doubt for a second that she was the one who could finally help me heal myself after going to countless doctors. After only a couple of months of working with Jessi, I finally feel myself again after getting mono and several bacteria infections a couple years ago. I have so much energy and digest food like I never have with Jessi’s advice and support. I am so much happier too! I feel so blessed and know that finding Jessi was heaven-sent!!”

Eliza Vera

Singer . Songwriter . Artist