Your needs and desired outcomes are unique to you and I honor that with the way I come alongside your journey. We will begin by taking two hours to listen to your body’s story through a thorough review of your birth, familial upbringing, present and past symptoms and lab work, as well as current lifestyle, relational and environmental stressors. This in-depth study will bring about a clear picture of your health story and timeline, which will allow us to begin to note your body’s patterns and tendencies–the ways it calls out for help or affirms you’re on the right track. Once we have this initial understanding, we will determine if further testing is needed to reveal deeper levels of foundational dysfunction or imbalance. Follow ups from here may vary and will always match your specific needs. I often recommend every two weeks to start and then every four weeks once we are in a good rhythm and you feel empowered and informed.

A unique offering, I also provide access to me at any time through my client portal direct messaging system, which is currently at no extra charge to you. I see us as partners and I am always willing to answer the questions you forgot to bring up in your consult or calm your concerns over the late night surprise healing response that you weren’t sure about or provide confirmation of my recommended brand for ready-to-eat pre-soaked beans! You can send me audio notes, pictures or direct messages. I’m here for you.

The client portal, available on desktop or as an app, is also where you will meet me for our secure and HIPAA-compliant virtual video consults and enjoy access to digital versions of your protocols, client-only resources like food guides and my hand-selected online dispensary!

Ultimately, I become your partner, your coach, your accountability and your personal “google” for all things nutrition, wellness and health!