My entry into true wellness began with my own journey. Struggling with odd sensitivities, digestive discomfort and easy overwhelm as a child, my dive into the depths of holistic healing didn’t begin until college. Initiated by a stark shift and unexpected regeneration of my body after submitting and following the results of an extensive food sensitivity test, I was hooked from then onward. I tried a wide-range of therapies and saw numerous practitioners ranging from the comfortable integrative MD to the radical angel healer. They all gave me various pieces of my personal health puzzle and helped me move forward along my healing path.

I eventually owned my deep obsession with health and returned to school to received proper training. It was through the studying, reviewing of my own journey, learning from mentors and observing with fresh eyes that I identified a key foundational requirement of the healing process. It’s simple. Your body is brilliant. It can heal itself, but - here’s the caveat - it must feel safe. I call the physiological response, derived from the feeling of safety, your calm state. Your calm state is the balanced and proper activation of the parasympatethic nervous system. When active, your body can go about normal nourishing, clearing and healing function. When not regularly active, your body cannot perform these necessary functions. As you can guess, this leads to deficiencies, toxicity and disease. What keeps your body out of the calm state? The alarm state–my term for another portion of your autonomic nervous system known as the sympathetic. Your body is put into alarm very easily in our present world, so I can guarantee that if you are not actively cultivating and promoting your calm state, it’s turned off.

Once I realized this simple, yet profound truth, the delays, blocks and failures around healing I experienced, read about and observed in others became so very clear. Before any drastic shifts or therapies are given, calm must be cultivated and safety communicated. As a result, in my own practice, I focus heavily on nourishment and softening of your body and mind to prepare the way for deeper functional work.

The final note on this approach is yet another often missing piece in standard care–the uniqueness of your nature. In order to effectively cultivate calm and communicate safety, we have to identify what deescalates you. There are many ways to calm the body and mind, but only a few may actually resonate with you. This is why I started the Authentic Calm podcast. It’s your space to learn the various ways others are finding their own unique state of calm in the chaos of life.

If I receive the honor of supporting you along your health journey, my foundational purpose will always be to help you cultivate your state of calm - your unique state of restful ease in your body, mind and spirit - your Authentic Calm. For it is from this place that we can finally turn on healing and health with the many beautiful holistic tools I have come to love and use here at Merfleur Wellness.


  • Listening and caring

  • Identifying your present stressors (lifestyle, environmental & relational) that are blocking your body from turning on its calm state and healing naturally

  • Diving deep into your specific gut microbiota to uncover potential imbalances that are preventing progress or recovery of health

  • Uncovering your specific nutrient deficiencies that are the source of many of your physical, mental and emotional symptoms

  • Reading blood chemistry and other lab work from a functional perspective to identify dysfunction prior to disease

  • Shifting, balancing and calming your body and mind with my custom and universal line of flower remedies

  • Empowering you with the skills to interpret your body’s unique nourishment needs

  • Guiding you with realistic tools to balance your overwhelm and stress

  • Returning you to your whole, healthy and authentic self


NANP Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist (cand)

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Certified Restorative Wellness Practitioner (Nov 2019)

Certified Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst (Dec 2019)

Certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

Certified Reiki Practitioner, trained in the lineage of Mikao Usui

Member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals


“Seeing Jessi Agadoni has been nothing short of life changing. For the last several years, I have struggled with a number of symptoms that have caused me to see a fair share of doctors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists in hopes of relief. At the end of the day I always felt that I was still the lone investigator of my health and my health issues always continued to linger. Working with Jessi is an entirely different experience. I have been a client of Jessi’s only for a few months now, and in that time I have noticed drastic improvements to both my initial issues and my overall health. Her approach is to come alongside you to find the root source of an issue or symptom through in-depth functional examinations, education, and consultations, and then to work on helping you heal your own body step by step. She is a partner to her clients in the process, and her knowledge is only matched by her compassion and care. I truly cannot recommend Jessi enough! ” - Brittany B.

“Jessi is so encouraging with her guidance.  She works with you to achieve your health goals, making life changes at a pace you can manage with a VERY busy schedule.  She is an amazing listener, seeing beyond my lame attempts to express my struggles and guiding me towards healthier living though daily choices.  I’m so thankful for all her kindness and wisdom.” - Eden M.

“From the first day of puberty all the way through adulthood, I’ve struggled with severe symptoms correlating with my menstrual cycle. The pain from cramps and lower back aches often prohibited me from leaving my bed. But the worst part was a monthly depression that stole all sense of self for 5 days every single month. I had little hope that anything could improve - it wasn’t even the main reason I scheduled a flower remedy consult with Jessi. However, when I had my first consult, Jessi listened enough to pick up on the fact that this monthly cycle should be of chief concern. After spending focused time talking through every symptom, she created a custom flower remedy for me to take daily. I noticed a difference in as little as two weeks and when my cycle rolled around, I had some of the physical symptoms, but not the depression. By checking in with me and really listening, I finally felt like someone was on my team. I cannot say enough good things about the level of care Jessi brings to her work. Her holistic approach is unmatched. She’s been (and will continue to be) a major partner in my health journey.” - Mary C.

“Jessi made me feel comfortable, at ease, and excited to work through the process of getting healthy again with her. I didn’t doubt for a second that she was the one who could finally help me heal myself after going to countless doctors. After only a couple of months of working with Jessi, I finally feel myself again after getting mono and several bacteria infections a couple years ago. I have so much energy and digest food like I never have with Jessi’s advice and support. I am so much happier too! I feel so blessed and know that finding Jessi was heaven-sent!!” - Eliza V.

“One day when I used the CALM flower remedy, I took my dog for a walk and I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and gratitude, just feeling the sunshine and the breeze. It felt like what I usually feel magnified by 100! I felt kind of silly walking around smiling to myself! My husband also recently commented on how much more positive my mood is especially regarding the start up business. He said I was very irritable and cranky before when he used to try to discuss anything start up related but now I’m more calm and open!” - Jen K.

“I had a fairly open mind for this experience and specifically chose not to do research on flower remedies beforehand. I wanted a completely unbiased experience. That said, I noticed an immediate shift. I allowed myself to have a few experiences in which I thought I had felt their effects. Then I decided to do my research and came across an an article that explained my experience exactly. 

Your CALM flower remedy has completely shifted my thought patterns. Where I was once quick to get angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed (particularly when I felt wronged or misunderstood by my husband), I am finding I have a pause now. Pause. Gather myself. Then react. It has brought me clarity, wisdom and compassion that wasn’t there as much as I’d have liked before. I have felt less emotional tension. The things that used to upset me are just not that heavy anymore and don’t feel as personal to me. Perhaps it’s that I’m not taking on my husband’s energy anymore? I couldn’t believe the words that were flowing out of my mouth during the 1st real conflict that arose between my husband and I, after beginning the remedy. It was like I was suddenly wiser than my own self. Ha. It didn’t feel like I was even doing the talking! Initially it felt like a little voice in my head talking to me or putting things into perspective. Now it feels like it is just apart of me. What a feeling :) Free and indeed, calm.

As for my son, he thinks your remedy is delicious. :) It is hard to know his experience exactly, as it doesn’t belong to me. I have been listening for little messages. Being highly sensitive, he tends to startle, freeze, and meltdown when met with conflict or overwhelm. Since starting the remedy, I have noticed a shift in his ability to communicate clearly in overwhelming situations. Empowerment is a word that comes to mind. I have 2 very specific examples. On the playground, 3 days after beginning the remedy a child threatened to bite him. He said, “Stop! I don’t like that!” Then, he shouted for me to come help him. He had tears and his voice was shakey. Still, I couldn’t believe he vocalized his needs to get “unstuck” in that situation. That’s truly a first for us, and we’ve been working toward it for years. Typically in that situation he would’ve just began to cry and not vocalize. He would’ve had nightmares/gotten stuck  re-living that event for months. A similar situation happened again at a family wedding. A photographer asked him to take a staged photo with someone he felt uncomfortable around. A typical response from him in this situation might be tears, overwhelm, and clinging to me. Again, he would’ve been stuck with revisiting this situation for months. Well, he simply and politely said no to the photographer and walked away :) He had one single tear and a quick snuggle. I’m realizing this is actually a pretty massive shift for him, now that I type it out. I do see a connection to the flower remedy helping him release from that trauma and that pattern of being “stuck” in sticky situations!!! 

My husband’s experience:

‘The flower remedy gave me pause.

Pause in my responses, previously I would just blurt out the first thing that would come to my mind. I am able to take a moment to reflect on what was said and construct a more positive/optimistic response.

Pause in my temper. When triggered I often would feel attacked, but when I'm able to pause and reflect on both sides I'm able to decompress and understand why I'm feeling anger. Often this pause allows me to let go of the anger. 

Pause in my world view. I tend to see things how they are on the surface, but taking a moment to internalize what I'm seeing has really opened eyes to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the things I observe day to day.’

Interesting that he chose the word pause :) I did too, for myself. But I didn’t share that word with him when I described my experience to him. Overall, these remedies have offered a huge shift in our home. We’ve all been on our own individual spiritual paths, healing past traumas, and moving forward with softness. Still so grateful for your generosity in sharing your love and labor with all of the members of our family. ❤️ It’s clear we have all changed in major ways. I think it’s so great that we can all be on the same level of understanding and knowing. We are open. That’s a real gift.

This former skeptic is a full on believer :) Your flower remedies have been nothing short of amazing. Thanks again!!!” - Rhiona A.